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Our Programs

PARENT & ME:  for children ~ 18 to 24 months and a Parent! You will get to engage with other parents and their children.  We will sing and dance and most importantly spend precious time together. There will be lap time muscle exercises and use on our mats with belly time! 

CREATIVE MOVEMENT: for children age 2.5 to 3.5. These 45 minute classes serve as an introduction to rhythmic dance and creative movement. Basic fundamental loco motor skills and movement vocabulary are developed through creative movement/dance. Beginner ballet, foot and arm positions are introduced.

TOT-HOP: for children ages 3 & 4.  These 45 minute classes serve as a hip hop class for TOTS! Boys & girls are welcome.  We focus on isolation movements, levels (teach them to dance high and low), across the floor progressions and center combination work.  Music is "trendy"  using current pop music.  We primarily use Kidz bop versions and end class with a game or choo-choo train ride!

PRECOMBO: for children ages 4. These 50 minute classes serve as an introduction to rhythmic dance and creative movement. Basic fundamental loco motor skills and movement vocabulary are developed through creative movement/dance. Beginner ballet and basic tap skills are introduced.

COMBO CLASSES: for children ages 5-6, and 7-9. These hour classes begin with ballet followed by Tap instruction which includes simple steps and rhythms, center combination steps such as brushes, flaps, shuffles, stomps, and stamps. Ballet instruction will include barre work, basic positions, and stationary and traveling ballet movements.  Beginner Jazz is also introduced and available for ages 7-9.

HIP HOP: for children ages 5 and up. These forty five minute classes begin with an isolation warm-up, progress to across the floor movements and end with center combination. Music will be primarily Rap/R&B/Pop.

ALL BOYS HIP-HOP: An all boys class designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for male students. See Hip Hop class description.  classes are offered ages 5 to 8 and ages 9 & up!  They are always a big hit at our show.

BEGINNING JAZZ/TAP: for children ages 10 and up. This half an hour to forty-five minute class (depending on age of dancer) is designed to introduce children/adults to the techniques of tap and jazz dance. Classes typically consist of center floor warm ups, isolations, and movement transitions across the floor. Children/Adults will explore basic tap combinations including sound definition, improvisation, and center jazz technique. Music will be primarily pop, rock and contemporary.

LYRICAL: This class is a style that blends ballet and jazz dance and is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. Techniques to express lyrics of the song using fluid movement, grace and emotion are required.  Must have ballet training.

POINTE: Dancers must have extensive ballet training, strength and body structure. Students must be evaluated to be placed in these classes.

CONTEMPORARY: This class draws on both classical ballet and modern dance and centers on a dancer's own interpretation instead of structured steps. It employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery and improvisation characteristics.  Improv is also blended into this class.

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED CLASSES: for children/adults ages 10and up. The length of class will vary according to the students’ experience. Each of these classes will include more advanced instruction in Tap, Ballet and Jazz. Children/adults should have prior instruction in Ballet, Tap and/or Jazz before entering these classes. Children/adults will improve sound definition and center combination work (tap), balance and extension (ballet), and more advanced isolation and movement transitions (jazz). Music will consist of pop, classical, and contemporary hits.

JUMPS & TURNS: These classes focus on basic technique in jumps and turns providing the beginner dancer a stronger base to build upon, while challenging the more advanced dancer to push themselves to better accuracy and more skillful execution. 

ACRO/TUMBLING: These 1 hour classes teach students fundamental acrobatic and tumbling moves that are performed on gym mats.  These classes are strictly floor work and does not perform any gymnastics with bars or beams.  We offer 3 level classes; Beginner- foundations of tumbling, back and forward rolls, handstands, elbow stands, handstand bridge, backbends, roundoffs and more.  Intermediate- front/back walk-overs, connecting skills, press handstands, handstand walks, handspring step outs, roundoff jump and more. Advanced- back handspring, front handspring, tucks, layouts, running tumbling, ariels front/side and more.

DANCE COMPANY: These classes are for children who have a strong base in ballet, tap and/or jazz and who are interested in more advanced instruction and dance performance. Company members will work individually and as a group to sharpen their current talents in ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical studies as well as to broaden their vocabulary in these techniques. We compete regionally 3-4 a year and compete in a Nationals competition every-other year. Dancers are required to train all year round, including our summer intensive.








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