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2019/ 2020 Season Information

*BALLET CLASS ABSENCES:  If your child has ballet class absences and are not being made up, I am not entering their solo/duo to competition.

*We need everyone present going forward in all classes/rehearsals with a GOOD ATTITUDE and WORK ETHIC as we approach the finish line.  Dress appropriately for all your classes with hair pulled back so you can dance full out.

*DRESS REHEARSAL WEEK 2/24/2020 TO 3/1/2020.  As you come to your competition classes or rehearsals this week, there will be FULL dress rehearsal for each routine.  All costumes need to be ironed, steamed, altered and ready to go with correct tights and shoes and undergarments.  

*PEP REALLY FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM TUESDAY MARCH 3RD STARTING AT 5PM for all group dances.  **MANDATORY FOR ALL, CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE** Yes this is a TUESDAY because I need all the days for classes and rehearsals leading up to our first competition to practice.  There will be no regular competition classes that Tuesday in ROOM A.  

*FEBRUARY me the dates you are away or having something planned.  I need to plan things out and cannot accept last minute things.  EMAIL BY 1/10/2020

*If you are repeating a solo or duo/trio from last year, reach out to your instructor or myself as privates should begin next week only if you are paid up to date.

2019/2020 Competition Tights/ Shoes List

2019/ 2020 Season Competition/ Nationals Fee Due Dates

Competition #1 Fees Due 1/7/2020

Competition #2 Fees Due 1/21/2020

Competition #3 Fees Due 12/17/2019

NATIONALS Feed Due 4/28/2020

2019/ 2020 Season Competition Dates

Competition #1 3/6-3/8/2020

Competition #2 3/13-3/15/2020

Competition #3 5/8-5/10/2020

NATIONALS 7/6-7/10/2020